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How much can I earn?

¿Cuánto puedo ganar?

How much can I earn?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Obviously, there is not an exact amount, but there is one basic rule that you should always have in mind: the more effort you spend, the high profit you get.

By copying one of our linkcodes (banners) and pasting it on your website, you will be ready to start earning extra money. Additionally, you can also write an article, personal recommendations or just talk about the products you promote in your web (always placing a linkcode to our webpages, so we can track your traffic and sales). In this way, those who visit our website will be willing to buy our products.

The best strategy is to pre-sell. Since we are the company that sells the product, our recommendations will help to sell our products. However, the recommendations on your own site, will be more effective.

Some of our affiliates have been quitted their jobs to be able to spend more time maintaining their websites and recommending our products at home.

Most of them are earning between 130 to 2,600 euros a month. That will depend on the effort and time you put on the program.

In Haffiliation we have a formula to calculate the amount you can earn:

P = T E r2

P means the Profit you can earn.
T means Traffic: the total amount of visits that your web receives daily.
E means Effort: this includes time and resources you put on your website such as article writing, sales tracking, advertising, etc.
r means Content Relation: the relation between the content of your website and the product you promote. This is very important.

When it comes to traffic, we are not referring only to the quantity of users, but also the quality. A web page that receives a lot of visits from teenagers is not going to sell as well as a web frequented by bankers with a high purchasing power.
The content relation is very important. If your web is about gardening but you put an advertising banner about football products, no one is going to click on it and you will hardly achieve any sale. In this case, r = 0.
But if your website talks about gardening and you place a banner about garden watering tools, it will capture the interest of many people; probably they will click on the banner and they will end up buying the product, which also means commissions for you. In this case, r=100.

Nevertheless, some experienced webmasters know how to increase the r value. For example, on the web about gardening, you may write an article about an ideal type of grass to grow in football stadiums and also about the best kind of soccer balls to play on a grass pitch. At the end of the article, you might add a recommendation: if you think about setting up a garden in which you want to play football, don't hesitate to buy “Foo-Bar Soccer Balls�?.

For a website about gardening, there are dozens of affiliate programs out there that are much more relevant to gardening than soccer balls. But just imagine, for each ball you sell, you get 100 euros as a commission… Isn't that worth trying your luck by writing such an article? Perhaps you may be able to sell more soccer balls than expected. After all, by doing this, you will be giving more content to your website and open the door to more profits at the same time.
It may seem a little bit complicated but don't worry, we are here to help you to make money.

Every month we pay for all the comissions generated by the traffic you have sent it to us over the past month. Through the control panel you will see in real time how much you have earned. Besides that, we provide you detailed statitiscs about which products are being sold and which of your websites come from. This alows you to adopt a strategy that helps you to maximize your benefits.

guru says:One of the key success are the content and recommendations of the promoted product you put on your website, this effort is always rewarded in the end.