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What is Haffiliation?

Que es un programa de afiliación

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are one of the simplest and low-maintenance ways to make your website more profitable than ever before, as well as the latest state-of-the-art marketing tool available in the market today.

Through affiliate programs you can earn money by recommending the visitors of your website to purchase the products or services of other website. You Won't have to deal with any business issues such as payment collections, product deliveries, non-payments, frauds, etc. All you have to do is place on your own website a link that redirects visitors to the affiliate program website which will take care of the remaining sales process.

For each purchase made by the traffic sent from your website, you receive a commission. Your visitors (1) get to your website (2). From there, they are taken to our website (3), thats where they will probably make the purchase (4), and if that purchase is made, we give you a comision for it (5).

Finding the perfect Affiliate Program.

Choosing the best option

In order to find an affiliate program that generates the expected profits, you need to take into consideration a balance among three main factors:

  • The program should sell products with quality,
  • The website's design should be professional, user-friendly and adapted to the visitors' language, currency and culture
  • The payout conditions must be optimum.

Quality Products

You may succeed during a short period of time by promoting a low-quality product, but trying to earn quick cash like this is absolutely not the best way to find a constantly profitable affiliate program that can give you an extra income month after month.

User-friendly web design

Sending your precious traffic to poorly designed websites will absolutely not the best option, since they are not competent enough to convert many clicks into sales.

The perfect affiliate programs take your traffic and convert it into sales which will result in commissions for you. Make sure that the affiliate program takes good care of the traffic you send to them. We at Haffiliation appreciate our affiliate users by constantly monitoring the traffic sent to our website. With this tracking system, we are able to develop tailor-made strategies for our affiliates in order to increase their revenue.

Personalized service and excellent payout conditions

The best affiliate programs are those that work together with you and they are able to give you high commissions. These won't happen with big affiliate networks as they have thousands of affiliates like you.

Other important issues that you should take into account:

The affiliation program keeps the cookies for a long period of time, so you can earn commissions in case the visitors buy something on their next visits.

High commissions, frequently paid.

HaffiliatiON can offer you all these advantages because we are manufacturers of our products. In 2006 we decided to create our own affiliate platform in order to build a stronger relationship with our affiliates. We like to be closer to the people who are going to promote our products. Our affiliates are as important as our final clients and they should be almost partners of our company.

guru says:Always be aware of these recommendations as they can be the difference between being successful or wasting your time.

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